Sustainable Solutions for Holistic Tourism Development

We are supporting governments in holistic tourism development and conservation of natural & cultural heritage through sustainable solutions.


Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is a vital industry that contributes significantly to the economic, social, and cultural development of nations. It is an engine for job creation, generates foreign exchange earnings, and stimulates the growth of other sectors such as transportation, hospitality, and retail. Moreover, it plays a critical role in promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, fosters global cooperation, and strengthens the bond between nations. Lastly, tourism can help promote environmental conservation and sustainability.

We have established ourselves in the tourism development and consultancy sector, securing many awards in recent years. We were instrumental in realising India’s first water villas, enabling structural reforms such as upfront clearances, and providing a huge fillip to the country’s push for ease of doing business. We have set a precedent for activating eco-labels for destinations, like the Blue Flag Certification for Lakshadweep, emphasising our deep-rooted belief in responsible tourism development. Our revolutionary interventions for Mahakal Ujjain and disruptive marketing strategies have ensured that tourist footfall in the destination increased by five folds within one year. Our success is reflected by the many accolades and recognitions we have received from our clients and the industry as a whole, including from the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.


Thematic Focus

Tourism and Heritage – civil
works, restoration, and
archaeological conservation

Tourism Master Plans –
conceptual plans and site

Project Conceptualisation,
Feasibility Assessment and

Tourism Cataloguing and
Performance Benchmarking

Market Assessment and

Inclusive and Community-Based

Carrying Capacity-Based
Tourism Management

Branding and Promotion of
Tourist Destinations


Key Projects


NITI Aayog

Holistic Development of Package Islands: Preparing concept development plans & detailed master plans

Strengthening maritime economy while leveraging tourism potential by providing end-to-end solutions starting from market assessment-based project identification.


Government of Bangladesh

Preparation of Tourism Master Plan: Strengthening the preservation of Bangladesh's heritage assets

Providing a clear road map for development of the tourism sector over the next 25 years, with a focus on achieving inclusive and sustainable growth while accelerating the economic growth.


Government of Uttarakhand

Holistic Development Tourism Plan (HDTP): Developing and strengthening the image of Uttarakhand as a tourist-friendly destination

Unleashing the tourism potential of Uttarakhand by identifying tourism circuits & packages, investible projects, hard and soft interventions, and feasibility assessments to facilitate sustainable development. 


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Meet Our Experts

Anil Kumar Bansal

Senior Director -
Sustainable Tourism

Komal Aggarwal

Associate Director -
Sustainable Tourism

Suraj Kumar

Associate Director -
Urban Infrastructure and Tourism


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