Technical & Programmatic support to COVID-19 health centre staff in Rajasthan

Following activities were undertaken and actively contributed by NIPI during past 2 months in Rajasthan in accordance with state’s decision to extend NIPI’s support to Udaipur district.

  • Validation of Case Investigation Form: After video Conference by WHO, it was decided that CIF  of all COVID-19 patients as well as high risk contacts will be filled by taking appropriate history from the isolated contacts. Case history of 17 home isolated, high risk contacts was taken and case investigation form was filled.
  • Line listing and Death Reporting of Suspicious Deaths: the real death toll of patients dying due to COVID-19 may be high as the number of deaths in the rural blocks of Udaipur might go unnoticed. A line listing of all the deaths occurring at home during the last two months have been obtained from each block. Supervision of all data received from these blocks, checking of death record forms have been taken up to find any documentation of suspicious deaths. The data is compiled and is ready for further analysis.
  • Supporting WHO for compilation of Data record of Covid-19 Positive cases: All case forms compiled from the Districts of Udaipur, Dungarpur & Banswara were checked for their clinical information and accuracy, history was checked and ascertained. These forms were scrutinized and the data was collated and shared for further analysis at Delhi.
  • Attending Video Conferencing from state: State VC was addressed by WHO and UNICEF on the topic of Covid-19 and was attended by NIPI state team members. The main topics included steps on filling of Case Investigation form for every case and positive contact. In the subsequent VC brief overview of the activities that have been undertaken in order to reduce the burden of Covid-19 and the future steps which will shall be taken were discussed. Translation of COVID materials: Hindi translation of COVID-19 directions by WHO. The directions for WASH workers and health workers regarding maintaining sanitation and disinfectants in COVID-19 situation was translated and edited in Hindi on directions of District Collector.
  • Assessment of Facilities: State has decided to convert health facilities into DCH (District Covid-19 Hospitals), DCHC (District Covid-19 Health Centre) & CCC (Covid Care Centre). Keeping in view hospitals were inspected to assign them to various categories. GBH American Hospital was inspected with WHO team and after discussion with hospital authorities it was assigned the status of DCHC, Pacific Hospital was assigned the status of CCC.
  • Training of staff on Infection Control Practices: An orientation session for the staff and consultant of DCHC was taken to orient staff on the infection control and treatment of COVID-19-doffing and donning of the PPE kit, control of infections in the settings dealing with COVID-19 patients and treatment as well as prophylaxis of patients.
  • Ensuring Contact Tracing: NIPI team member ensured supporting contact tracing of high risk and low risk contacts of positive patients. All the data was streamlined and updated in the database.
  • Field visit: 4 Anganwadi centre were visited for verification of MCHN day services

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