NIPI Team supported NHM, Rajasthan and other development partners in conducting state-wide assessment of the health facilities to measure COVID-19 preparedness....

The current Covid-19 crisis poses a serious public health threat. Swamped with information, often it becomes hard to follow the right advice. Realizing the gravity of the challenges, health experts address apprehensions related to Covid-19!

COVID-19 has emerged as a pandemic that is posing threat to the existence of hundreds and thousands of people. In light of this situation, an unexpected result of the partnership between Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) and Wadhwani Institute has been the development of a triaging tool for detecting COVID-19 suspect cases. Proposed solution- AI […]

India’s ambitious target of vaccinating at least all its adult population by the end of 2021 seems too optimistic. Approximate calculations indicate that to vaccinate this near 945 million adults...

The pandemic has resulted in stigma and discrimination against people affected with COVID-19 infection, their families, and even healthcare providers treating them and people providing other essential services. This further aggravates the problem as people refrain to come out for testing and treatment for the fear of getting  discriminated. To address this challenge, MoHFW invited development […]

The Government of Meghalaya (GoM) is committed to sustained economic and social development through investing in human capital and the government has made important provisions for training teachers to improve teaching and learning standards in govt aided schools of Meghalaya....

Due to the huge ongoing crisis arising as a result of Covid-19 pandemic, there was an urgent demand of PPE kits for the healthcare personnel present on the frontlines and providing services to COVID-19 cases in the states of J&K and Rajasthan. NIPI was requested by the states of J&K and Rajasthan to arrange PPE kits […]
Government of India highlights the need to identify, utilise and implement digital opportunities to reach more people and have more effect. In reference to digital transformation and development policy, there was a request by Jammu and Kashmir to support development of COVID-19 Dashboard and its integration with MoHFW’s Arogya Setu Dashboard and Swasthya Nidhi Surveillance dashboard. Norway India Partnership […]

The education sector is facing unprecedented challenges in adapting and finding solutions to keep children motivated and in their route to learning. The lockdown has also...

The thematic areas for discussion include climate-smart food systems, post-harvest losses, and food safety standards, which will contribute towards tackling malnutrition, promoting healthy diets, and improving food systems across the region.

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