Safe Delivery App (SDA): Technology to rescue in times of pandemic

“The only way to slowdown the spread of this deadly disease COVID19 is infectionprevention& social distancing...

Dr. Nutan Bisht – Local Medical Officer (LMO) at Community Health Centre (CHC) Kichha, Uttarakhand talks about the SDA module and its usability

“The only way to slowdown the spread of this deadly disease COVID19 is infectionprevention& social distancing. But, how do we do it being at the health facility serving patients who could be infected with COVID-19” says Dr. Bisht.

CHC Kichha is an identified facility under Government of India’s Labour Room Quality Improvement (LaQshya) Initiative catering to approx. 100 deliveries per month and serving a rural areathat is far flung with limited access to handholding support and face to face training. Consequent, to the outbreak of COVID19 it became essential to devise a way toorient and sensitize staff with correct information about the disease, major elements of prevention and management of COVID19 cases in Labour Room Antenatal Care (ANC) aream (LR) and 

USAID Vriddhi team, a responsible partner to state as well as national government in implementation of LaQshya & Aspirational District initiative, in collaboration with Maternity Foundation developed a new module on COVID19 in their existing Safe Delivery App (SDA) covering major elements of prevention & management of COVID19 cases in LR & ANC.The Safe Delivery App is a smartphone application, that provides direct and instant access to evidence-based and up-to-date clinical guidelines. Infection Prevention forms a cornerstone in the management of COVID 19 including the principles of Universal Precaution which will be so important for all health personnel.

Dr. Subodh Chandra, Senior Technical Officer – Uttarakhand (USAID Vriddhi team) conducted online orientation on Infection Prevention guidelines using the newly added module which helped the providers understand major elements of prevention of COVID19 cases in LR and ANC OPD.

Dr. Bisht delightfully shared the completion of this module securing ‘Expert’ position. She has understood how to use this SDA module and it has built her confidence greatly during this COVID crisis. She expresses her gratitude towards Dr. Subodh and USAID Vriddhiandhas promised to encourage other health providers to complete and use the module.


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