The onset of COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented wave of public anguish and apprehension throughout the world. Within a short span of three and half months it has spread its arm like that of spider’s net to all most all the continents of this earth. Measure to contain this deadly pandemic are being taken at […]

NIPI Team’s representative has been appointed to the sixmember COVID-19 committee setup by Government of Rajasthan to prepare...

India carries the highest burden of TB in the world – an estimated ~3 million new cases and a staggering ~ 420,000 deaths are reported annually and Government of India (GOI) has set itself an ambitious goal of making India TB free by 2025 and USAID is also committed globally to end TB and initiated […]
The situation in relation to international travel and local response to COVID-19 is unknown and the countries have not yet been selected.The team is planning to undertake three case studies for the client, GMSA across two countries in response to the pandemic. Thinking ahead, we have undertaken scenario planning: Identified the different scenarios which might apply for each […]

IPE CKD with UNDP has developed a swipe-based game - a first in a series of three games which helps in reinforcing behaviour...

Misinformation and hesitancy towards COVID-19 vaccination have been reported as two main factors impacting the pace of vaccination in India. However, the six districts of Rajasthan have a different story to tell with re-opening of Skilling centres after the second lockdown.  With over 70% of the girls enrolled in skilling centres (4500 enrolled till date) […]

The Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) aims to help identify and test novel and promising healthcare solutions in its effort to support State National Health Missions of five states in India: Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan...

IPE Triple Line is evaluating DFID’s Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR). SPHEIR is DFID’s flagship intervention in higher education, supporting ambitious and high-value partnerships between institutions, NGOs and private sector organisations to transform the quality, relevance, inclusiveness and value of Higher Education (HE) in 11 countries of Africa, the Middle East and […]

To address the stigma attached to Covid-19 patients, MoHFW invited development partners including Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI) for technical and programmatic support. In consensus with development partners...

Current pandemic has created an upheaval leaving people worried and confining them to their homes with longer periods spent in social isolation. This impacts their physical and mental health. Day to day events has witnessed a major shift from the usual course. We often hear that ‘Health is Wealth’, which is central to our happiness […]
The global pandemic of COVID-19 has aggravated violence against women in all sectors of society. According to UN agencies, since the outbreak of COVID-19, violence (sexual and physical) against women/ girls has intensified. Globally, in the last one year, 243 million women and girls have been subjected to sexual and physical violence. This number is […]
The Nation and the world at large are currently facing one of the greatest pandemic and a serious medical and health challenge from Covid-19, the deadly virus. The Government, the frontline warriors and the Citizens are all fighting to defeat the global pandemic. India is going through a complete lock down period of 40 days […]

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