Continuing the zeal, we hosted a big bash for IPE Global’s Silver Jubilee, on 13th October, 2023 at Delhi Gymkhana Club. The event was graced by our alumni and clients, with our people putting on stellar performances to commemorate the milestone achievement.
Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Hon’ble Minister for Education and Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship sheds light on the importance of imparting education in the mother tongue and local language till class 8 and emphasises on the policies undertaken by the government to benefit the girl child at NITI SAMVAAD an event organised on the occassion of International […]
A panel discussion at the event featured experts from various fields who shared their insights on the challenges and opportunities for building girl capital in India. With a diverse representation and participation from the government, academia, policy makers, private sector, civil society among others, the session featured steering conversations around building girl capital in India.
“While India has made progress in various aspects of gender equality, there is still work to be done to build ‘girl capital’ in the country. We renew our commitment to advancing SDG Goal 5 and building girl capital by investing in the well-being, education, skills, and opportunities for girls to enable them to become empowered […]
Speaking on the occiassion of International Day of the Girl Child, Hon’ble Minister for Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Dharmendra Pradhan emphasized on the significance of imparting education in the mother language till Class 8. He also highlighted the initiatives pressed by the central government for the welfare and benefit of girl child. 
On the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child, IPE global organised NITI SAMVAAD, and released a policy brief on Nurturing a Vibrant Girl Capital in India. The Chief Guest, Hon’ble Minister for Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan emphasised on how the National Education Policy 2020 needs to be strengthened […]
Shri Ashok Trivedi, Mission Director of NHM Jharkhand along with USAID officials, launched SAMVEG’s model called CARE (Counselling for ANC, Readiness for birth and strengthening , and Essentvial newborn and child health practices), which focuses on improving ANC coverage and declining early neonatal health.
The catastrophic Glacial Lake Outburst originating from Lhonal Lake in Sikkim is a stark reminder that glacier hazards are going to breach thresholds and all thanks to the warming climate. While the frequency and intensity of these events are ravaging lives and livelihoods, there is a dire need to revisit the current state of disaster […]
Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG-2) aims to combat malnutrition worldwide by 2030, focusing on addressing the nutrition needs of adolescents, and pregnant and lactating women. However, this goal faces significant challenges, as half of the undernourished child population is concentrated in low-middle-income countries. To achieve meaningful progress in child nutrition, it is essential to understand […]

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