With 2030 soon approaching, it’s important to stand true to the bold commitment that The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) make, to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other communicable diseases by 2030, to achieve universal health coverage, and provide access to safe and affordable medicines and vaccines for world over and in India […]
Despite the progressive shift towards an outcome-based approach and a substantial focus on foundational literacy and numeracy, there remains a discord between ambitious policy frameworks and the financial support required to actualise them. Samagra Shiksha is a norm-driven programme that leaves limited space for innovation and experimentation. While the programme needs to provide more flexibility to […]
According to Ashwajit Singh, Managing Director, with a continued focus on the promise of inclusive and long-term growth, the budget is expected to address both the needs of the vulnerable sections of the society while also continuing with reforms for ease of doing business, promoting ‘Make in India’ innovation, and pushing up private investments.
According to Himanshu Sikka, Chief Strategy and Diversification Officer, and Practice Lead- Health, Nutrition & WASH, enabling the private sector and commercial capital could go a long way in achieving universal health coverage in the country. The government should also look at specific allocations for investments in health technology that prepare the country better for […]
Ashwajit Singh, Managing Director, notes that this budget being an interim budget, it is expected that the government will look to continue with the large number measures around in the previous budgets to sustain economic growth and create employment opportunities.
With 2024 being an El Nino year, climate extremes are expected to breach all thresholds- the interim budget needs to be razor-sharp that can fast-track the climate-proofing of lives, livelihoods, infrastructures, and economies. The 2024 interim budget should keep the momentum and ante to reduce India’s carbon footprint of GDP, create more Atmanirbhar green jobs, […]
With policy continuity at the centre largely expected, it is likely that the Union Government will increase resource allocations for the infrastructure sector.
What’s in store for us in the climate arena in 2024? Abinash Mohanty, Sector Head , Climate Change and Sustainability, chimes in. According to him, India is already expanding its renewable energy bucket. But there needs to be more focus on climate action plans at the sub-national level, at the district level and the block […]
Defying projections, the global economy has weathered challenges and remained stable in 2023. In fact, World Bank has pegged India’s growth at 6.4 per cent for FY 24. But what are the likely key trends for 2024? Read more to learn abour the climate conversations, literacy push, AI and scouting!
Defying projections, the global economy weathered challenges and remained stable amidst challenges marked with high global interest rates, geopolitical tensions, and sluggish demand. World Bank maintains India’s growth is also likely to remain resilient with GDP growth at 6.4 per cent for FY24. As we end the year let’s look at what Mr Ashwajit Singh, […]
Climate change experts believe that the inclusion of health in climate change has been long overdue that was finally taken at COP28 as nations globally continue to witness increasing industrialisation, carbon emissions from fossil fuel usage and irresponsible practices by individuals and organisations.  According to Abinash Mohanty, Sector Head, Climate Change & Sutainability, this is […]
According to experts, a major reason for the rise in cyclonic storms in recent years is a series of oceanic-atmospheric phenomena such as El Nino. Abinash Mohanty, Sector Head, Climate Change & Sustainability opines, “the government should invest in an improved emergency response framework that accounts for the compounded impacts of extreme events, a detailed […]

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