Community awareness and participation programme in Bhilwara

COVID-19 Awareness Activities done during the Corona period under community awareness and participation program in Bhilwara city:-

Under the community awareness and participation program in Bhilwara city, on 22.06.2020, to make the community aware about the prevention of corona pandemic, Hon’ble Minister in charge, Government of Rajasthan, Shri Arjun Singh Bamnia flagged off the auto rickshaw of RUIDP which was flagged off for 5 consecutive days in the city, people were made aware about the prevention of corona pandemic through audio announcement in the street. This message was spread to 2,33,663 people of the city. Along with this, the people of the raw settlement were made aware about the corona, in which they were told about the mask, washing hands with soap and keeping a distance of two yards.

On 02.10.2020 under the people’s movement against Corona of the Government of Rajasthan, District Collector Shri Shiv Prakash Nakate, UIT Secretary, Commissioner Municipal Council, and CMHO flagged off RUIDP’s organised auto rickshaw audio announcement to make the community aware about the prevention of corona pandemic during 02.10.2020 to 06.10.2020 in the each street of the city.

  1. During the corona period, 358 masks were distributed to the project workers for the prevention of corona pandemic and they were motivated to work by wearing masks.
  2. 250 sanitisers and 250 soaps were distributed to the project workers for the prevention of COVID-19.
  3. Ayurvedic kaadha was distributed to the workers in a COVID Awareness camp.
  4. Labour awareness (623 Male and 355 Female) about using masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands frequently with soap and medical advice if there are symptoms. They were told to call 105 in case of emergency or on Covid helpline number.
  5. Motivated laborers to get corona vaccine.
  6. After discussing small groups in the Slums, and many wards of the city, the community was explained about following the covid-19 guidelines and maintaining social distance by use of masks, washing hands frequently with soap and medical consultations immediately if sick.
  7. School Awareness program and gave information about precautions and prevention from corona to the children in the state school, they were asked to follow 19 guidelines and motivate people around them to use masks.

Quick Response Saved the Life of Female Labour Farita

In the labor camp of the Sewerage project at Bhilwara, a woman labourer who was pregnant had delivery/labor pains in middle of the night and her position was critical. Luckily, the fellow labourers had the mobile numbers of a female Social Outreach Team (SOT) member working under the Social Expert of CAPC town unit. On receiving emergency call at midnight the Social Expert and female SOT member rushed to the spot and despite a strict lock down without any delay arranged for the ambulance and took her to the hospital. Since, it was pre-mature delivery case, the conditions were very critical… and despite all efforts the child could not be saved.  But quick response of the female SOT member and Social Expert saved the women’s life. She is now out of danger. Even post hospitalisation, the Town Expert arranged for all possible facilities and help like food, medicines etc., So that she did not face any kind of problem during Corona Pandemic. 

Most importantly during 2nd Wave of the Corona pandemic, working regularly in the field and meeting communities & people for project and COVID-19 awareness activities, our Social Expert, despite all precautions, got corona infected but managed to prepare the daily reports desired by client and core unit of CAPC every day.


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