Plastic waste management is a globally identified challenge which is increasingly taking centre stage in our efforts for climate action.
A public education campaign to build COVID-19 vaccine confidence among resistant populations in Assam and Haryana
A poignant testament to the courage of women who defy traditional roles, urging for a redefinition of their positions in the societal framework. The book navigates the complexities of empowerment and the profound journey of self-discovery.

Learning &
Development (L&D)

We inspire people to be better.

Our intuitive and personalised programmes provide clear path for growth, leadership development, and help people sharpen their skills.

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Your journey starts from Day One….

Structured Onboarding

Helps align expectations and lays the foundation for your success

New Hire Training

Makes you familiar with the organisation; helps you settle down in a new work environment

Customized L&D Platform

Helps upskill at your own pace through continuous learning and training programmes

Linkage with
Performance Management

Aligns resources and training needs based on your skill set

Learning is not always a formal process. We also align our organisation values to a culture of learning