MP: Ahead of ‘Mahakal Lok’ opening, Ujjain flyover turns into ‘selfie point’

Dipu Sharma could barely contain his excitement about the soon-to-open Mahakal corridor in his hometown. He travels to an old overbridge near his house nearly every night to catch a glimpse of the “dazzling new project” and take selfies, he says.

And Sharma isn’t the only local admiring this drastic change of landscape from the ramp of Hari Phatak Overbridge that offers a view of the 108 ornate sandstone columns bearing decorative ‘trishul’ (tridents) on top and ‘mudras’ (symbolic hand gesture) of Lord Shiva on its faces, gushing fountains surrounded by sculptures of the deity and illuminated murals.

This trend of admiring the project site from a distance has picked up over the last few weeks. Last month, after the Madhya Pradesh cabinet’s first-ever meeting in the ‘holy city’, this craze for “flyover selfies” has only grown.


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