Vajan Saptah and SAMBHAV Program

IPE Global | July 27, 2021 IST

Identification and management of malnourished children is a key initiative of Poshan Abhiyan. Malnourished children are more likely to succumb to the leading causes of child deaths such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, and malaria. Most vulnerable category of malnourished children include those suffering from Severe and Acute Malnutrition (SAM), Moderate Acute Malnourishment (MAM) and severely underweight children. Early identification, management and treatment of these children is the joint initiative of ICDS and health department.

In the month of June 2021, ICDS department organized “Wajan Saptah from 17-24 June” across the state at all AWCs for children between 0-5 years of age and issued a detail guideline to conduct the activity. In Wajan Saptah, growth monitoring is performed by measuring weight, length/height by Anganwadi Workers for the children and their categorization into SAM, MAM and Underweight categories. All the data collected during this week are registered by respective anganwadis.

Supervisors undertook different initiatives to effectively utilize the “Wajan Saptah” and gather quality data. Budhaipurwa village of Sikandarpur Karan block of Unnao district is one of the examples. The initiatives taken includes-capacity building of workers on use of growth monitoring devices (Weighing scale, Stadiometer and Infantometer), community mobilization and use of IEC materials for counseling of mothers of children and other family members.

The tireless efforts of the AWWs helped in bringing significant improvement in the participation of community members during Wajan Saptah.  Also, it has been observed that people now remain in touch with AWWs in their area/locality for availing the services provided under POSHAN Abhiyaan. During Wajan saptah, CDPO and Lady Supervisors oriented all AWWs on importance of growth monitoring, use of growth monitoring device and how it will help in early identification of SAM/MAM, Maternal Nutrition and 1000 days with the help of the development partners. The orientation reiterated how this process can help in providing necessary support to improve the nutritional status. “AWWs maintain a separate register (Red Register) for SAM child for better assessment of child and follow-up at regular intervals. They are also providing take home ration (THR) to their families and provide counselling sessions during home visits,” Manju Sahu, an AWW in Budhaipurwa village, recalls.

During the Wajan Saptah govt. has collected data from all the districts for SAM & MAM as follows:

Total number of children (0-5years)-12552010

Total Weighed-11629733

Total Height/Length measured-11489198

Underweight Category




Malnutrition Category  




After the identification of SAM/MAM and underweight children during “Wajan Saptah”, a special campaign for prevention of malnutrition in the districts- “SAMBHAV-step towards nutritional promotion” have been launched since July. This campaign will run till October 02, 2021. The main aim of this campaign is to improve the overall nutritional status in SAM/MAM and underweight children. Month wise themes of this campaign are as follows:-

  • July 2021 - Maternal Nutrition: this includes early registration of pregnant      women, weight measurements, nutritional status, use of Iron and calcium, health checkup, diet diversification.
  • August 2021 - First 1000 days of life
  • September 2021 – Treatment of SAM/MAM (along with “Poshan Maah”)

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