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Agricultural Development

We have a recognised legacy in agriculture development. We are able to deliver innovative support programmes to promote profitable and environmentally sustainable practices that enable wider economic growth.

With the challenges that climate change presents to agriculture in rural areas, our work focuses on programmes that improve food security, increase productivity and efficiency, and address the impact of climate change on the livelihoods of the poorest communities. Our expertise has been gained from extensive geographical experience in different agro-ecological areas in agriculture and rural development, policy and applied research.

We work closely with line ministries, agricultural research and extension agencies, the private sector and rural communities to address climate change, promote agricultural development and transform rural economies. We provide analytical expertise in programme design and implementation along with management guidance on renewable natural resources that promote sustainable rural livelihoods.

We provide advice, technical and analytical support on the design and implementation of agricultural development programmes through applied knowledge, monitoring and evaluation. We work diligently to facilitate stakeholder engagement within institutions, the private sector and governmental bodies to encourage participatory decision-making at regional and national governmental levels.


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