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Breaking the Silence: Eradication of Poverty

Eradication of poverty is a global challenge which would require a consistent all around effort for achieving sustainable development. Development Agenda 2030 targets to put together priorities of all citizens with substantial coverage of the poor and vulnerable for complete overhaul. Since poverty is a vicious cycle caused by human factors, this year’s theme — “Answering the Call of October 17 to end poverty: A path toward peaceful and inclusive societies” reminds us of the importance of the values of dignity, solidarity and voice underscored in the Call to Action to fight to end poverty everywhere.

Under the global effort, every country is obligated to adopt welfare programmes and strategies which ensures every citizen is empowered and there is complete support of human rights to lift them out of extreme, abject poverty. The plea, needs and active participation of millions of people who fight every day to survive in dire conditions is essential to the success of the development agenda.

Complete eradication requires use of strategic tools like education, health services and programmes, employment opportunities, promotion of small and medium based industries, infrastructure development etc. which support and aid the efforts of families and communities fighting poverty.

Governments and international organisations play a very important role by targeting the social and legal barriers to end poverty. Skills training and income redistribution helps in improving the living conditions of the poor by building their capacities and turning the development process into a sustainable one. The future generations from such trained communities will have better access to education and training programmes and thus move up the ladder.

Economic facilities and opportunities have to be extended to rural communities and areas too. Goods and services from farmlands need a wider acceptance in cities to build peaceful and inclusive societies especially in developing countries giving a push to rural communities.

Eradication of poverty in India

India specifically faces a lot of unique challenges which need immediate address to uplift the poor and support their development. Important measures like economic growth, agricultural sector growth, access to good robust infrastructure, stronger public distribution system to reach to the targeted beneficiaries etc. can change the story. Education and health services too in India need a strong support to ensure those lifted out of abject poverty do not get trapped again in the same cycle. Governments have been running several welfare programmes but the leakages in the systems often reduces the impact which was initially intended. How do we address such systemic challenges and walk towards our goal to eradicate poverty.

It recent years it has been seen, poverty cannot be addressed from a single solution and requires a consistent multipronged approach with efforts from all communities to come to a sustainable solution. National development strategies and programmes alone cannot address such multi-dimensional challenge.

The need of the hour is to break the silence and ensure participation of those who are worst affected. Its only when such communities are heard, included and involved in the development process, that there will be change.

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