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Transformative push for gender parity for a more inclusive world

According to a United Nations study every one in three women has reported to have been a subject of some or the other form of physical, psychological or sexual violence till now. This statistic includes the working women too who strive hard to get equal wages when compared to their male counterparts but are often subjected to unfair system. As International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women raises this debate once again, we need to decipher the emerging dynamics and the relationship between the two.

The 2017 World Economic Forum Report has clearly stated that the global gender gap has increased and if necessary steps are not taken then it would take 217 years to close this gap and create a level playing field for women. This gap is augmenting major social and as well as economic consequences. The most fundamental step to close this gap and change the situation begins right here, right now.


Bridging this gap means all of us need to first start working together on major societal and social issues which can be as multifaceted and broad ranging as – domestic violence, easy access to contraception, safe roads and workplace campuses, women’s labour force participation – and this is not just in close consensus with the regional and national governments but also other stakeholders like private sector, NGOs etc.

A consistent support system and demand to fill in the gender wage gap has to be driven in partnership with all players and in a single voice. Most of the initiatives which have started had a good start but soon the energy started dissipating as they progressed. We need sustainable self- driven mechanism which can address basic issues of responsibility and ownership.

UN Chief leads with example

With the recent move of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to achieve gender parity across the UN before 2030 as per the latest system-wide strategy plan which was released last month, the subject has got a fresh impetus. But the support which is coming in at a slow pace is not enough. Many out there may understand the scope of this problem but somehow fail to imagine as well as communicate the success if the world achieves gender equality and fill in the wage gap.

Women in our homes as well as in our offices are key to global prosperity. Issues like environment and forest depletion, climate change and peace & disarmament seem to find more appeal and advocates among the women since these perils often directly hit them first. They are the first set of silence sufferers of adverse conditions arising out of climate change or a War etc. Consequently the strongest supporters of stopping and reversing these.

We need as many women leaders, as the men leading some of the most critical discussions of our times.

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