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Global Development News

10 Dec 2022

Syrian government forces raise flag in Dara'a

Syrian government forces say they have retaken a town that was the epicenter of the civil war that engulfed the country and the region for more than seven years.

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1610 Days 21 Hours 52 Mins 55 Seconds ago

'World's largest vertical farm' to feed Middle East's high-fliers

Water scarcity in the UAE is second only to Kuwait in the Middle East, so when it comes to farming, a smart approach is required. Now high-tech, low-water agriculture is set for a new superlative with the announcement of the world's largest vertical farm in Dubai -- and the produce could soon be coming to a flight near you.

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1613 Days 13 Hours 38 Mins 7 Seconds ago

Al-Abadi orders immediate sentences for terrorists on death row

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has called for the "immediate" execution of all convicted "terrorists" on death row after the bodies of eight members of the country's security forces thought to have killed by ISIS were found earlier this week.

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1624 Days 10 Mins 42 Seconds ago

On the road with the Arabian Gazelles, Dubai's all-female supercar club

The Arabian Gazelles are out to prove that when it comes to fast cars, it's not just a man's world.

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1632 Days 16 Hours 57 Mins 9 Seconds ago

Failure of Saudi Crown Prince could be dangerous for us all

We may think we know a lot about Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman, one year after he was elevated to Crown Prince. After all, the past 12 months have seen him blitz world capitals, wooing politicians, business leaders and populations alike promoting his vision for modernizing his country.

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1632 Days 18 Hours 47 Mins 41 Seconds ago

Apple is spending millions to clean up China's environment

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1610 Days 20 Hours 2 Mins 33 Seconds ago

'I think they like me:' Trump says he's popular in UK

US President Donald Trump has shrugged off protests planned across the UK ahead of his arrival there Thursday, claiming he is very popular in Britain because of his hardline stance on immigration.

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1611 Days 3 Hours 41 Mins 8 Seconds ago

It's going to cost more to buy a Tesla

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1611 Days 5 Hours 44 Mins 41 Seconds ago

India now has the 'world's strongest' net neutrality rules

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1611 Days 12 Hours 15 Mins 43 Seconds ago

Uber saved its London business. Europe may be tougher to crack

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1611 Days 13 Hours 21 Mins 25 Seconds ago

India declares end to Nipah outbreak with a music video

The outbreak of the Nipah virus that killed 17 people in the southern state of Kerala was declared over Sunday.

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1619 Days 21 Hours 32 Mins ago

North Korean leader ends Beijing visit with message for Washington

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1633 Days 6 Hours 36 Mins 41 Seconds ago

Pioneering Vietnamese show performed entirely on water

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1636 Days 4 Hours 32 Mins 37 Seconds ago

Inside the seven-decade fight for Japan's tropical island

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1636 Days 20 Hours 3 Mins 28 Seconds ago

Ease sanctions? Postpone war games? Pyongyang, Seoul, Washington, Tokyo have different ideas

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1639 Days 22 Hours 52 Mins 38 Seconds ago

Listen: India's culture wars

Jyotsna Singh discusses Hindu nationalism's growing sway over the country's culture and politics with the FT's Kiran Stacey

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1842 Days 18 Hours 36 Mins 26 Seconds ago

Pollution levels in Delhi prompt Diwali exodus

The annual ritual of setting off firecrackers, added to smoke caused by farmers burning stubble at harvest time, causes choking levels of smog in India's capital city during the Diwali festival

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1878 Days 15 Hours 36 Mins 39 Seconds ago

Steady recovery for copper ahead of Chile summit

But further price rises are set to be limited by US rates and strong dollar

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2077 Days 2 Hours 23 Mins 9 Seconds ago

Hammond and Fox lead Easter trade offensive

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2077 Days 9 Hours 56 Mins 56 Seconds ago

Africans fear the racism on India’s streets

Violent mob attack highlights harassment faced by many on a daily basis

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2077 Days 22 Hours 6 Mins 57 Seconds ago

Inglorious Empire by Shashi Tharoor — the rapacious Raj

A combative history of the British in India swats aside notions of benevolent imperial rule

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2093 Days 15 Hours 4 Mins 6 Seconds ago

Saudis face backlash over $10bn Maldives plan

Activists say deal will force islanders from homes and damage the environment

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2093 Days 22 Hours 18 Mins 54 Seconds ago

The augmented reality of Blippar chief’s story

AR app’s co-founder did not study at LSE nor float his first company, records show

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2094 Days 7 Hours 16 Mins 51 Seconds ago

HIV/Aids drugs face threat of disruption

Just four companies supply the bulk of antiretroviral medication to poorer countries

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2094 Days 11 Hours 26 Mins 59 Seconds ago

Stayzilla founder arrest shocks India tech leaders

Detention of Yogendra Vasupal comes as start-ups face tougher funding conditions

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2094 Days 17 Hours 27 Mins 41 Seconds ago