Vriddhi: COVID-19 update (Oct 30, 2020)

An update on the crisis shared by our health team that leverages existing state and district level activities to integrate COVID-19 response measures.

State and District Level Activities to Integrate COVID-19 Response Measures.

  • Strengthening infection prevention control and practices at the facility level through self-administered audits and checklists under Labour Room Quality Improvement (LaQshya):
    Telephonic orientation of facility staffs on Infection Prevention Control and Practices (IPC) and tracking is conducted by Vriddhi Team. The IPCs are shared through WhatsApp messages across all the service providers.
  • Strengthening Universal Precautions at the individual healthcare provider level using self-learning Safe Delivery Apps:
    Telephonic support to health providers on completion of Infection Prevention Module in Safe Delivery App. Sharing of COVID related guidelines on WhatsApp. ‘Protective measures against Novel Corona’ and ‘State guidelines for prevention and management of COVID19’ was shared by the Chhattisgarh team.
  • Daily tracking of cases of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) in Health and Wellness Centers and promoting hand washing practices:
    Daily tracking of ARI cases since March 23, 2020 across the centers in 12 Aspirational Districts in seven states supported by Vriddhi.
  • Dissemination of available COVID-19 risk-communications and guidelines among healthcare functionaries and communities:
    Tracking of ‘Sharing of risk-communications and guidelines’ among healthcare functionaries by Vriddhi team. The team is also maintaining the list of persons with whom the guidelines are shared by State team to ensure proper sensitization.
  • Risk mitigation and action planning: Installation of ArogyaSetu App by the all facility staffs. The team is keeping the records of all the persons assisted in operating the app, and are further communicated to share the app in their network.
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