Meet our People

5 years of creatively communicating convictions!

Crack of dawn is my favourite.The first one hour in the morning helps me organise my work, sets the tone for the day and of course, keeps me ahead of time.

I believe in disruptive brainstorming because you never know which idea will click.


IPE is people oriented and so is its achievements.
The company celebrates success with the people, for the people.

The most rewarding…

The ability to think creatively, out of the box and the freedom given to be able to experiment.

Words of advice…

Be a mentor to the team to ensure that you have successfully carved out a career path for each people working with you.

I am proud of

Amazing work culture, people and my lovely team.

Personal Growth be like

Learning and Development is an integral part of every IPEan’s growth in the organisation. The company also encourages leaders to take up the role of mentors to be able to build capacities within their teams such as secondments to other projects or offices provides opportunity for international exposure.

Last but not the least…

IPE Global is considered a big brand externally and it is because of the people who make the brand stand out with a happy and positive work culture that further translates to its achievements.