Meet our People

Growing with IPE Global for 12 years now!

It is no less than a dream to work in a culture that treats you like a family member. The sense of gratification and satisfaction is indescribable.

My work makes me happy. The time I spend working and being productive is what makes me proud.

The most rewarding…

Sense of recognition and the liberty to approach anybody in the management to get the queries addressed.


IPE Global’s inclusive work culture helps teams to function smoothly while encouraging cross-team learning.

Word of Advice…

Always trust your teammates and the management, be honest and open, and work with integrity.

Last but not the least…

We are an organisation that is projected through its people, its alumni. It is perceived to be a good and fair place to work wherein every person regardless of his/her hierarchy receives equal opportunities to learn, grow and prosper. The company aligns its growth with its people’s growth and achievements.