Meet our People

4 Years of happily growing with the development sector GIANT, IPE Global!

Everything calls for a celebration here, we recognize the champions behind every success no matter how big or small and celebrate the same as a family.

I enjoy communicating with my team and other teams, helps discover new things and acts as a breather in a bustling day

The most rewarding…

The flexibility IPE Global offers and the wonderful mix of talents it possesses.

I am proud of

My team – their disciplinary diversity, cultural vibrancy and a healthy blend of passion and commitment to bring about a positive change.


MOTIVATION and SKILLS are the keywords to describe teamwork in this organisation. These factors not just bind us as a team but also encourages everyone to speak their hearts and learn as much as they want.

Word of Advice…

Be rigid on WHAT, but flexible on HOW.

Last but not the least…

IPE Global is an organisation that promotes personal and professional growth, the culture allows flexibility, openness and respects the plurality of views that makes work-life balanced and enjoyable.