Meet our People

Growing with IPE since my teen and, pulling it off with the help of caffeine!

Regular training programmes such as Learning & Development, technical and personal training, senior management leadership programs etc. not only support learning and growth but also enliven the work environment.

An association that spans nearly two decades. Beginning with an internship in 2001 followed by a year-long tenure in 2002-2003 to a full-time role in 2014 after completing post-graduation, my journey @ IPE Global has been truly enriching and fulfilling

The most rewarding…

Opportunity to continuously learn and grow, use entrepreneurial skills to explore new areas, sectors etc.


We believe in promoting an inclusive culture which makes problem solving easy and helps the team come together and take ownership.

Word of Advice…

Be grounded and open to conveying one’s ideas/thoughts to the management to help promote a culture of transparency and openness in the organisation.

Last but not the least…

IPE Global promotes an inclusive culture. Connecting with colleagues over lunch in the cafeteria only helps make our bond stronger. One of my biggest pride is that IPE Global is the only homegrown organisation in the development sector competing internationally. I have seen it grow leaps and bounds and, it gives me immense joy to be associated with a company that never stops exploring new possibilities and avenues.