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Welcome to July 2014

Dear IPEans
Football fever - also known as the World Cup 2014 - is upon us. As the teams move into the quarter finals, there are several heroes - some unknowns who have risen and some knowns who have fallen.

The sport of football is a great teacher - perhaps that explains why so many countries across the world play it. I would just like to talk of three aspects of football and what we can learn from them:

1. The Goalpost : that's how simply success should be identified - what exactly are we working for? When will we be able to say we have achieved it... We have scored....?

2. The Football : it signifies limited resources - a single sphere being chased by 22 people with half of them having a different (rather an opposite...) purpose or goalpost. This is the challenge of development.
3. The Player : he is not one - he is part of a team. Football by definition is a teamsport with each person having a specific role in the team. And so is Development. The challenge before each player is to play his or her role correctly so that the limited resources reach the purpose for which they are intended (the right goalpost).
Our artist has visualised this imagery in the wallpaper for the month. Lionel Messi's quote about the importance of rigour and precision further validates our values.
I am sure that Team IPE Global will continue to successfully play on the field and score successfully several Development Goals!!
In IPE, we relate a lot to the Humming Bird - swift, graceful, nimble and yet effective. Our rooting in values and flexibility in approach makes us the humming-bird in the forest fire of international development challenges.

Let us not be daunted by the challenges, let us not be worried about what others should be doing. Let us do our work with dedication, grace and beauty.

Best wishes
- Ashwajit Singh

Dear *|FNAME|*
With just one year to go for the Member countries to meet the Millennium Development Goals which they had actively signed up for, governments across the globe are taking key development initiatives. India has come a long way on the road to development but still has miles to cover in order to achieve its Millennium Development Goals. The news of the month traces India’s growth trajectory on this path.

Happy reading and be Inspired!

- Rebika Laishram and Kriti Pandey

Report Rallies

Human Development Report 2014 takes the temperature on humanity

Although poverty is declining overall, almost 800 million people are at risk of falling back into poverty if setbacks occur. Nearly 1.5 billion people in 91 developing countries are living in poverty with overlapping deprivations in health, education and living standards. And according to income-based measures of poverty, 1.2 billion people still live with $1.25 or less a day. ........ Click here


Four of every 10 Asians living with HIV are Indian – U.N. report

India has the third-highest number of people living with HIV in the world, with 2.1 million Indians accounting for four of every 10 people infected in Asia, the United Nations said in a report. India accounted for 51 percent of AIDS-related deaths in Asia in 2013 and 8 percent of deaths worldwide......... Click here

News Of The Month
India’s progress on road to Millennium Development Goals

Fourteen years ago, with the dawn of 21st Century, world leaders at the United Nations gave a clarion call to structure a blueprint for tackling the development challenges affecting the human race. This turned into a visionary document at the Millennium Declaration Summit where the leaders decided upon eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) embedded on the noble principles of human dignity, equality, and a free world from extreme poverty. These goals also vouched to save those threatened by disease and hunger.

Over the years the concerted efforts of all the stakeholders – national governments, international community, civil society and the private sector have successfully strengthened the bold dream.

The 2014 Millennium Development Goals report minutely examines the progress achieved on these targets and further reaffirms that the pledge undertaken to make a profound difference in lives of many, stands strong.


India and Development Goals

According to the report India has a long way to go to reach the global targets with sustained efforts from all stakeholders. The people in the country continue to battle poverty, child and maternal deaths which cast a shadow on the growth and development story. The report glaringly highlights, the overwhelming majority of people living on less than 1.25 dollars a day belong to Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, with one third of the “World’s 1.2 billion extreme poor living in India alone in 2010.”

India is closely followed by China, which notably ranks second with 13 per cent of the poor of the world.

Elaborating on other development parameters the report states that Southeast Asia and East Asia have done well in meeting the targets of the MDGs but disturbing statistics loom large over South Asia which was laggard in many aspects like hunger and malnutrition, maternal and child deaths, sanitation and gender parity, especially in education.

Indian Initiatives

The Government of India maintains that several of its schemes are at good pace to commensurate the plans targeting the Millennium Development Goals. Key initiatives like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme to increase employment opportunities in rural areas, the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, a national policy to universalise primary education, health sector schemes like National Rural Health Mission, Reproductive and Child Health Programme and the Integrated Child Development Services have changed the dismal situations to a great extent. The Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission and the Total Sanitation Campaign have been focussed to address key MDGs.

In India most of the development schemes and programmes are formulated and established under the Five Year Plans and the goal of the current 12th plan is to achieve “Faster, More Inclusive and Sustainable Growth” which is in conformity with the MDGs.

The Millennium Development Goals India Country Report 2014 released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India states , “India’s achievement in respect of the MDGs , it is a mixed bag. For some indicators India is fast, that is, it has already achieved the target level well ahead of the dead line, In respect of some indicators, India is expected to reach close to the target level by 2015 if not actually meet the target level. The areas of concern are the rest of the Indicators especially those relating to share of women in wage employment in the non – agricultural sector (indicator 11), proportion of seats held by women in National Parliament (indicator 12), proportion of population with access to improved sanitation, urban and rural (indicator 31), in respect of these indicators India is lagging behind by a huge margin.”

Considerable progress has been made in several areas targeting MDGs like basic universal education, gender equality and economic growth etc. However the country has a long way to go on improving several health indicators related to mortality rate, morbidity and different environmental factors. Further redesigning of outreach programmes and intensification of field efforts is required to give momentum to programmes to achieve the MDG goals.

IPE Global Round Up

DFID Lauds Pre - Matric Scholarship (PMS)

The Department for International Development (DFID), U.K. Team is very happy with the implementation of Pre-Matric Scholarship (PMS) scheme in Odisha. DFID is providing technical and financial assistance to Government of Odisha for implementing centrally sponsored PMS Scheme. It is providing financial support by giving a top up amount to the SC and ST girls of IXth and Xth class.DFID Team congratulated the Technical Team on their efforts....... Click here

Union Minister Jual Oram said Government committed to empower tribals

Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Shri Jual Oram, has stated that Government of India is committed to make a comprehensive, all –encompassing strategy to empower tribals to ensure their welfare and wellbeing and provide sustainable development while preserving their unique identities and culture Low learning outcomes, attendance and retention of tribal children remain issues of major concern from the very early years particularly at upper primary and secondary level........ Click here

Newly won project: Technical Assistance for Developing National Strategy on AMC

Imperia Health wins international project for provision of ‘Technical Assistance for Developing National Strategy on Alternative Medical Care (AMC) for the Government of Bangladesh’. The Project is being funded by Department for International Development (DFID) under the Joint Donor Technical Assistance Fund (JDTAF). Imperia Health Private Limited is a hospital management company which has been conceived and sponsored by some top clinicians and health sector leaders of the country. Imperia Health Private Limited is a subsidiary of IPE Global.

AID Roundup

World Bank Group Commitments Rise Sharply in FY14 Amid Organizational Change

The World Bank Group support to developing countries rose sharply to $61 billion in fiscal year 2014 as the organization prepared for transition to a new operating model, up from $52.6 billion in FY13........ Click here

Africa: World Bank Group Sets Historic New Development Financing Record for Region

.3 billion to Sub Saharan Africa’s development in fiscal year 2014 (July 2013 to June 2014) supporting shared prosperity in the Region and focusing on increased efforts to reduce poverty........ Click here

World Bank to give $153 mn loan for Odisha Disaster Recovery Project

India has inked a loan agreement with World Bank for assistance of $153 million (about Rs 920 crore) for Odisha Disaster Recovery Project. The objective of the project is to restore and improve housing and public services in targeted communities of Odisha........Click here

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