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Welcome to September 2014

You are aware that Triple Line Consulting Private Limited, a niche development sector company based in the United Kingdom, has recently become part of the IPE Global Group.

We see this as a strategic coming together - of experience and exposure; of breadth of sectors and depth of practices; of design, strategic oversight and implementation capacity.

Together, the IPE Global Group today is wider in scope, stronger in expertise and richer in experience. All to 'Make International Development a Ground Reality' for more and more people across the world!
Some of the personnel from IPE Global India have met up with their Triple Line counterparts. We look forward to greater opportunities for meeting, learning and growing for others soon.

This month's wallpaper captures the essence of this powerful partnership, of this synergistic alignment, of the great potential that this coming-together has.

Appropriately captured in the backdrop of London's Tower Bridge, it displays the tremendous surge brought about by the combined efforts of Triple Line and IPE Global.

When the Thames and the Ganges converge, can the Nile be far behind?

I welcome Triple Line into the IPE Global fold and am sure we will make waves together.

Best wishes
- Ashwajit Singh

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As flood victims of Kashmir recuperate and recount the horror of the gushing waters which flooded and wiped off the existence of their homes, we need to take a step back and look closely as to what goes missing when we are planning development in these fragile mountain ecologies.

The News of the Month shares certain initiatives which should be considered for embarking on an all-round development of these regions.

You can also read about development sector news and aid roundup clocked this month in the edition.

Happy reading and be Inspired!

- Rebika Laishram , Kriti Pandey

Report Rallies

South Asia should seize opportunity to end violence against women

Governments, donors, civil society, and the private sector in South Asia should seize the opportunity of increased awareness and action about violence against women and girls to end... Click here

No of hungry people in India falling but rising in Pakistan: Report

The number of hungry people in India has fallen to by 9.5 per cent to 190.7 million now from 210.8 million two decades ago, but in neigbouring Pakistan… Click here

UNICEF: Nearly half of South Asia's girls marry before 18

The recently released report, entitled Improving Children's Lives, Transforming the Future - 25 years of child rights in South Asia, says that despite huge economic growth in the… Click here

News Of The Month
Sustainable development in fragile ecologies: flood fury in Kashmir

Thousands and thousands of Kashmiri families are bearing the brunt of large scale trail of death and destruction left behind by the raging flood water, one of the biggest and most ferocious to hit the region in the century. As monsoon progresses flash floods and river water hits different parts of the country breaching embankments, eroding houses, tearing away roads and sometimes even swathes of hillsides, killing hundreds in the course. Last year similar flash floods and landslides had devastated the state of Uttarakhand killing 4,500 people. Every year in Assam flood water and river erosion submerges vast expanse of agricultural fields and villages. Just this year 188 villages were submerged and crops in 25,000 hectares of field were destroyed.

Experts say climate change is the precursor of such weather events increasing their intensity by manifolds. The same was accepted and reiterated by the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

As these disasters are becoming more destructive, preparedness does not mean placing early warning systems and practicing evacuation drills and protocols. Preparedness should start at the fundamental level as to how we plan and develop such fragile ecologies. It should begin with ecosystem management and bridging the gap between sustainability and productivity to ensure development strengthens and doesn’t have any adverse impact in these regions.

For preserving these ecosystems safeguarding the watershed areas is of paramount importance. These drainage areas with vast expands of fresh water feeds our rivers and oceans. Often the people living in the area are the poorest and most disadvantaged lot . Rampant poverty, lack of resources and a growing population often forces them to adopt unsustainable farming techniques and exploitation of the land. Practices such as excessive grazing by livestock, cutting of trees for wood, and with time construction of buildings without keeping in mind the sustainable practices affects these areas in a big way. Soil erosion, landslides, incessant sudden rains creates ecological imbalances often creating havoc like the recent floods in Kashmir and Uttarakhand last year.

Nature’s fury often instigated by unplanned development initiatives destroys innocent homes and lives. Another important initiative should be a comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessment process undertaken in any mountain area before embarking on all round development. This will give the authorities evidence to identify how to mainstream disaster risk into development initiatives.

A common misconception is that investing in development plans which are disaster resilient is often very expensive. But recent studies and cost benefit analysis for housing sector clearly indicates cost of building homes that can withstand floods is far lower than the cost of repairing homes that cannot stand when a flood does hit.

The floods in Jammu and Kashmir were unprecedented precisely for the lack of any preparedness and sustainable initiatives included in its development and planning stage. Kashmir once famous for its impeccable beauty, serenity and blossoming flower gardens is now a city submerged with a watery landscape with a troublesome nauseating picture of destruction along with a recurring pungent smell from heaps of decomposing trash, carcasses thousands of dead animals.

Kashmir shall overcome in years to come. But the larger question which lingers on is –Are we serious about sustainable development practices when planning the mushrooming cities in mountainous fragile ecologies?

Development News Clocked This Month

Japan to invest $35 bn for infrastructure projects in India

India will get USD 35 billion from Japan over the next five years for developmental projects, including building of smart cities and next generation infrastructure as also cleaning of the Ganga. The two sides also signed five pacts covering defence exchanges, cooperation in clean...Click here

World Bank funds on way for Sunderbans

Sunderbans, the largest single mangrove eco-system in the world, is likely to get a big boost from World Bank for developing its infrastructure. This ambitious project to develop the Sunderbans and protect its mangrove eco-system gained momentum in October 2013... Click here

Rural development ministry to keep digital eye on rural schemes

"Photo khench, mantralaya bhej (click a picture, send to the ministry)," is the new mantra of the rural development ministry as it gears up to digitally monitor the creation of all durable assets under its various social sector schemes across the...Click here

AID Roundup

World Bank approves 508 Million dollars aid package for Philippines

The World Bank has approved a 508-million-dollar aid package for projects to help fishermen and farmers in the Philippines. More than 70 per cent of the funds would... Click here

World Bank to aid $107 mn for road project in Mizoram

India Friday entered into an agreement with the World Bank for providing assistance of $107 million for the second phase of the Mizoram State Roads Project (MSRP II)...Click here

World Bank chief sets out India investment programme

The World Bank is to provide up to $18bn of financial support to India over the next three years, president Jim Yong Kim has announced. Kim made the...Click here

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