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Welcome to November 2014

When we risk nothing - we risk everything.

Daring to dream, taking informed risks and then working tirelessly - these are the three steps to great achievements.

IPE Global has been following this philosophy of dreaming big, daring and risking from the vert beginning - whether in our first international bid where we decided to go solo or our constant venture into new sectors, new geographies and new challenges.

Often our problem is not that we set our goals too high and miss them, but that we set them too low, and achieve them. This gives us a false sense of achievement and complacency when our actual potential is much higher.

Each one of us also has the same potential. We need to ask ourselves - have we dared enough? Have we taken all the risks that we could have? Or have we been too complacent after achieving our low targets?

These are some of the thoughts that our artist has conveyed through this month's wallpaper. May it inspire you to think beyond your immediate achievements and yearn for more. For only with your expanded vision can IPE dream further, take greater risks and achieve even more.

Best wishes
- Ashwajit Singh

Dear *|FNAME|*

With just days left for the Millennium Development Goals deadline to expire, it is the need of the hour to assess the progress and growth in meeting the various targets.

By closely following the goals we have to set the right foundation for the next set of goals — a set of sustainable development goals — that will take us to 2030. As development consultancy it calls for us to take initiatives in various schemes and projects in which we provide consultancy services and technical assistance.

You can also read about IPE Global news round up and Aid roundup clocked this month in the edition.

Happy reading and be Inspired!

- Rebika Laishram , Kriti Pandey

News Of The Month
India’s progress on MDGs as 2015 deadline looms large

India, Asia’s third largest economy has been desperately trying to draw upon its democratic and demographic dividends to achieve its Millennium Development Goals by 2015. But its diversity, vast population and differing baselines and variability of services has complicated the path further. The visionary document had ambitious target of reducing hunger, poverty, infant and maternal mortality, for reversing the spread of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and giving children basic education by 2015 but a review of the achievements till date and projections for 2015 suggest some success and some failures too. Half empty, half full-- India’s record should be the base to some serious policy priorities.

To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

In 1990, India had 47.8 per cent such poor people and therefore according to the MDG goal the proportion of this population to be reduced was 23.9 per cent. By 2011-12, the poverty ratio had come down to 21.92 per cent.

This target is well within our reach.

Achieve universal primary education

Going by the main indicator, primary school enrolment, this goal is judged to be “on track” as recent estimates have put this number at above 90 per cent. But there have been widespread concerns over quality of education that is being imparted in the rush to meet the goal.

Promote gender equality and empower women

In 2005 India had missed the deadline for eliminating gender disparity in primary and secondary education but since then it has hastened progress and the Gender Parity Index (GPI) for Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in primary and secondary education.

Though the overall atmosphere of insecurity among women in the country imply that any kind of gender parity in many ways is still far off.

Reduce child mortality rates

When we started in 1990, there were 30 million children under five years of age who died every year. At that time the proportion of new born deaths was less than 30 per cent. Progressively, India took initiatives through the National Rural Health Mission and other schemes to bring women to health facilities.

But according to experts, an additional push would be required to reach the fourth goal.

Improve maternal health

Disappointingly it has been assessed to be ‘slow or off track’ since women need to have quality care at the time of delivery. To achieve Goal-5, India should reduce maternal mortality Rate (MMR) from 437 deaths per 100,000 live births in 1991 to 109 by 2015. In 1998 the value of MMR was 407. Significant progress has been made on skilled health personnel attending deliveries (from 25.5 percent in 1992-93 to 39.8 percent in 2002-03) but it is not sufficient to reach the goal.

Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

According to MDG report for India by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI) prevalence of HIV among Pregnant women aged 15-24 years is showing a declining trend from 2005 and it has declined from 0.89 % in 2005 to 0.39% in 2010-11. The malaria death rate has been reduced to 0.09 deaths per lakh in 2000 which further came down to 0.04 in 2012.

Ensure environmental sustainability

The target to integrate the principle of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources has been moderately on track according to the latest estimates. But the deadline for 2015 is too ambitious for the same.

Develop a global partnership for development

Lack of a clear metric on this goal makes measurement and policy framework a bit challenging but large scale surge in private partnership in the development process in the last few years suggest on track progress on this specific goal.

Development News Clocked This Month

Ashwajit Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, IPE Global covered in “Bureaucracy Today” Magazine

An interview of Ashwajit Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, IPE Global has been covered in “Bureaucracy Today” Magazine in current fortnightly edition (1st- 15th December, 2014). The feature under BT Spotlight section in the magazine extensively covers IPE Global’s, as one of the leading development management consultancy firm. The coverage highlights the key projects and core services & sectors of the organization...Click here

IPE Global win DSC Services at Jammu under JKUSDIP - Project 2 covered in JammuKashmir Newpoint

IPE Global’s project “Design Supervision Consultancy Services at Jammu under the Jammu & Kashmir Urban Sector Development Investment Program (JKUSDIP) - Project 2” has been covered in JammuKashmir Newspoint on 3rd November, 2014 edition( Page 3). This project is funded by ADB and executed by ERA (Economic Reconstruction Agency), Government of Jammu and Kashmir... Click here

IPE Global's CMD views on foreign investment climate in India covered in The National

The views of Ashwajit Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, IPE Global on foreign investment climate in India have been widely covered in ‘The National’ which is a government-owned English-language daily newspaper published in Abu Dhabi. The article “India opening up doors to investment” has been published in the business section under Economy column in the daily on December 06, 2014...Click here

AID Roundup

GoI and World Bank Sign $200 Million Agreement to Enhance Productivity, Improve Skills of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

The Government of India (GoI) and the World Bank today signed a $200 million loan agreement to enhance the productivity of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by expanding and upgrading Technology Centers across India... Click here

The World Bank to offer $121 million to Uttarakhand for health services

The World Bank will offer an aid of 121 million $ to Uttarakhand government for improving health services in the state which is facing shortage of over 1500 doctors...Click here

ADB $350 Million Loan 1st to Upgrade District Roads in India

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $350 million loan to upgrade district roads in India's Madhya Pradesh state in a project which will tackle an important link in road improvements...Click here

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