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Biodiversity conservation needs investment and funds

Recently an Advisor in Indian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change made a remark on the funding gap to achieve the national biodiversity targets. Sujata Arora, Additional Director Ministry of Environment & Forests, Delhi was quoted in the many leading publications "There is a big gap between global investments and we need substantial funding to meet the national targets. We need to mop up our own resources."

We live in a country which has wide range of ecosystems, geographies and habitats such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, deserts, and coastal and marine ecosystems with many globally threatened species of animals and birds on the verge of extinction. There is an instant need for stabilising the vast expanse of forest cover against the global trends of deforestation. This need is not just from the point of view of human survival but also from the socio economic perspective as these forests support the need of many. Equally important is the protection of rich marine and coastal ecosystem and resources where a huge population lives within 50Km range of the vast India coastline.

Importance and need of biodiversity in India

India is still largely an agriculture producing country where hundreds of farmers, numerous fisher folk, indigenous artists still depend for raw material on nature. Conservation and sustainable use of biological resources and natural resources for many years now has been ingrained in Indian mindset and ethos which is why a lot of alternative Indian healthcare practices like Ayurveda and Unani systems have their roots in vast biodiversity offered in the Indian subcontinent. It’s not just the population in rural India but even urban India depends a lot on the biodiversity offered by this country like the use of it in pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. To protect it, Indian constitution offers a wide array of legislations like the Forest Act, Wildlife Protection Act, Environment Protection Act etc. To save the animals as well as plants in the natural habitats, many in situ conservation and initiatives like national parks like Corbett National Park have also been set up. Targeted animal saving campaigns like Project Tiger, Save the Barasingha etc have gained a very positive response in past few years.

Funding gap and need of investment in biodiversity conservation

The need of the hour is to identify major source of funding to be invested in biodiversity conservation methods. For private sector to become that source of investment, there is a need for some strong data tracking to first fill in the information gap in this space. In most studies done till now, the most popular conclusion is that there is no financial return for business. Although there are strong indicators for some businesses like the tourist operators and fisheries sector which can benefit in a big way if they invest in biodiversity.

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