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Connect with Nature, Commit to Nature

Development in the last few decades has largely been dependent on the natural resources which were easily available to humans. While constantly using these resources, somewhere in the process, humans skipped the fact that they too are a part of this ecosystem. They forgot that they have to nurture and sustain this relationship for the well-being of their future generations. With Environment Day just around the corner, there is a great momentum for citizens to become global citizens and connect to the cities, lands and forests around them.

In India there is already a very healthy example of this strong relationship which can be taken up for inspiration. For thousands of years, various tribes in different parts of the country have maintained a healthy relationship with the forests and its ecosystem while being dependent on them for sustaining their lives. Tribal people do use the forest products for food and livelihood but also fiercely conserve the biodiversity in and around their natural habitats. Over the years, they have even learned to live in the most hostile environments ever and still save the trees and land around them. It has been a very symbiotic relationship.

In contrast, often the people living in urban areas lack connect with nature. The shade from the trees planted on the road side, the parks in their vicinities, the clean air they breathe in – is often taken for granted and ill-effects of phenomena like global warming only felt when it leads to drastic climatic changes.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his latest weekly national radio address, “Mann Ki Baat”, too emphasized the need to nurture this relationship and said, "Connecting with nature is nothing but connecting with ourselves. People should connect with nature to nurture a better planet."

While there is a strong commitment towards climate change from many, the recent admission of G7 leaders in failing to commit collectively to the Paris Agreement in Italy has been very discouraging. The recent deliberations broke down when it emerged that the US president would not keep to the Paris accord, a landmark agreement affirmed by all countries in 2015.

This raises fears of many countries diluting the commitment or walking out of the accord completely if US, being the second largest greenhouse emitter, walks out of the agreement. The fear of climate threat especially global warming still looms large and can affect millions of poor people in different parts of the world. Climate change has been widely recognized as a threat worldwide and the need of the hour is to commit to strong impositions but for this the developing world has to lead by example.

Environment can no more be mixed with economic concerns of globalization and private interest of wealthy nations since it would impact everyone equally.

News Round Up

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Climate change is literally keeping us up at night

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