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25 Jul 2017

20 killed in Muslim shrine stabbing

A shrine custodian stabbed and clobbered devotees with clubs early Sunday, killing 20 people and injuring three others in southwestern Pakistan, authorities said.

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112 Days 23 Hours 47 Mins 8 Seconds ago

Trump: US will act unilaterally on N Korea if China won't help

President Donald Trump has declared he would be willing to go it alone to restrain North Korea's nuclear weapons program should China fail to change the situation, saying if Beijing won't help solve it, then "we will" alone.

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113 Days 1 Hours 24 Mins 58 Seconds ago

Melbourne's ultimate dinner guide

Every foodie worth their amethyst bamboo salt knows that the World's 50 Best Restaurants awards ceremony is taking place in Melbourne, Australia, on April 5, 2017.

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113 Days 3 Hours 10 Mins 3 Seconds ago

How golf diplomacy won't work with China's Xi

It's the US President's preferred weekend pastime and one he's used to strike up a rapport with other world leaders.

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113 Days 12 Hours 36 Mins ago

Forbidden book smuggled out of N. Korea

They say fact is stranger than fiction. One book smuggled out of North Korea encapsulates both.

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113 Days 21 Hours 40 Mins 26 Seconds ago

Inglorious Empire by Shashi Tharoor — the rapacious Raj

A combative history of the British in India swats aside notions of benevolent imperial rule

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129 Days 15 Hours 17 Mins 48 Seconds ago

Saudis face backlash over $10bn Maldives plan

Activists say deal will force islanders from homes and damage the environment

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129 Days 22 Hours 32 Mins 36 Seconds ago

The augmented reality of Blippar chief’s story

AR app’s co-founder did not study at LSE nor float his first company, records show

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130 Days 7 Hours 30 Mins 33 Seconds ago

HIV/Aids drugs face threat of disruption

Just four companies supply the bulk of antiretroviral medication to poorer countries

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130 Days 11 Hours 40 Mins 41 Seconds ago

Stayzilla founder arrest shocks India tech leaders

Detention of Yogendra Vasupal comes as start-ups face tougher funding conditions

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130 Days 17 Hours 41 Mins 23 Seconds ago

Many were asleep when torrent hit, killing more than 200

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112 Days 23 Hours 44 Mins 31 Seconds ago

Many were asleep when torrent hit, killing more than 250

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113 Days 10 Hours 18 Mins 22 Seconds ago

Deady mudslides in Colombia

Heavy rains cause rivers to overflow and lead to deadly mudslides in southwest Colombia.

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113 Days 12 Hours 19 Mins 36 Seconds ago

People had to run for their lives

Colombian authorities say mudslides killed more than 200 people after heavy rains caused rivers to overflow. CNN's Rafael Romo has more.

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113 Days 23 Hours 27 Mins 25 Seconds ago

Mudslide kills more than 100 in Colombia

A mudslide killed at least 93 people and injured many others late Friday night in Colombia's Putumayo province, according to office of President Juan Manuel Santos.

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114 Days 10 Hours 17 Mins 9 Seconds ago

Israel OKs first new settlement in 20 years

Israel's Security Cabinet on Thursday unanimously approved the construction of a new settlement in the West Bank, according to a message from the Prime Minister's office, marking the state's first new settlement in Palestinian territory in more than 20 years.

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115 Days 15 Hours 44 Mins 59 Seconds ago

Injured in Mosul, ISIS offered to kill this four-year-old girl

When an airstrike hit a west Mosul neighborhood on March 17, four-and-a-half-year-old Hawra' was inside one of the houses leveled.

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116 Days 5 Hours 58 Mins 26 Seconds ago

Trump's global envoy faces tough Turkey visit

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's fledgling diplomatic skills will be put to the test as he travels to Turkey to discuss the fight against ISIS and then Belgium for a meeting of NATO foreign ministers this week.

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116 Days 12 Hours 19 Mins 59 Seconds ago

The Syrian restaurant rocking London

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117 Days 15 Hours 28 Mins 46 Seconds ago

Walk through devastation of West Mosul

CNN's Arwa Damon shows the dangers and challenges that face civilians in the wake of the battle against ISIS for West Mosul

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118 Days 7 Hours 24 Mins 41 Seconds ago

Steady recovery for copper ahead of Chile summit

But further price rises are set to be limited by US rates and strong dollar

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113 Days 2 Hours 36 Mins 51 Seconds ago

Hammond and Fox lead Easter trade offensive

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113 Days 10 Hours 10 Mins 38 Seconds ago

Africans fear the racism on India’s streets

Violent mob attack highlights harassment faced by many on a daily basis

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113 Days 22 Hours 20 Mins 39 Seconds ago

Africans fear the racism festering on India’s streets

Violent mob attack highlights harassment faced by many on a daily basis

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113 Days 22 Hours 20 Mins 39 Seconds ago

Why the historic Himalayan city of Shimla is king of the hills

Although tourism and development threaten the Indian city, it remains a captivating off-season destination

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115 Days 17 Hours 2 Mins 41 Seconds ago